A short guide for buying your mattress


Choose well his mattress is not so easy. 3 criteria are important to make the right choice:
The type of Mattresses: latex, springs or foam.
The Density: according to your size and your weight.
The compatibility with the mattress: to benefit to the maximum of the comfort of the mattress.
The time has come to replace your bedding and ask you what mattresses to choose?

In effect, choose well his mattress is not so easy! Between all the technical terms, the different contents, thicknesses, and dimensions, it is sometimes difficult to find. This choice is yet essential since a mattress supports to him all only 2/3 of the weight of the sleeper and this for years. So here are a few tips to help you in your search for the perfect mattress.

What type of mattresses Choose: latex, springs or foam?

The technology of the Mattress plays a crucial role in the maintenance of the body and thus in the comfort. According to the material used, the felt will be different. There is no technology better than another, to each to find the Siena.

The foam mattress: several levels of firmness
slight, the polyurethane foam is cellular material existing in different density (25 kg/m3 to 60 kg/m3) with the comforts of the farm, medium and flexible. Its breathable fabric gives him a great elasticity. If you want a maximum of comfort, choose a foam mattress with high resilience, greater than 35 kg/(m3). The foam mattress will adapt perfectly to the shape of your body for a minimum of pressure.
The mattress Springs, home, and dynamism
the mattress to pocket springs provides support, firmness and maximum ventilation. In fact thanks to the springs Independent and wrapped in a cloth bag, you can move as much as you want, your partner does feel nothing. It is ideal if you are looking for the independence of sleeping and the support.
The latex mattress for a maximum of comfort to two
of natural or synthetic origin, the latex offers a true independence of sleeping area thanks to its strong resilience and to the accuracy of its support. Top of the range and high density (between 50 kg/m3and 85 kg/m3), it is hypoallergenic. The latex mattress will offer you an excellent ventilation and evacuation of the moisture.

What level of firmness to choose?

Between farm, very firm, soft, very fluffy, intermediate, there is what is lost !!! The choice of the firmness of a mattress is not so simple, the more so as it is not only a matter of taste.
In effect, you must choose your mattress taking into account your size, weight, and your morphology. In a simple manner, it is necessary to increase the firmness of the mattress with the size, the weight. As well, for a person of average size and average weight, take a mattress, farm or balanced. For a person of small size, fine enough, take a plush mattress. It should also be noted that the mattress very farms are less and less appreciated with age!

What density of mattresses to choose?

What are your weight and size that will help you choose a mattress and its density? The more your size and/or your weight will be significant, the higher the density must be large to offer you a retaining sufficient. For a minimum of comfort, Never alight below 25 kg/m³. Choose Ideally, a density of at least 70 kg/m³, the guarantee of a better firmness and a longer duration of life.

What thickness of mattresses to choose?

Choose his foam mattress and latex have on average a thickness ranging between 15 and 20 cm, therefore it is preferable to choose the largest thickness, synonymous with a trim of quality. For the mattress to springs, whose thickness is generally between 20 and 25 cm, choose if you can for those who exceed the 23 cm. But do not forget that thicker mattresses will be difficult to move and to stay in a cloth-carrying case!

What type of mattress is the best suited to my mattress?

The first rule to know is that it must not be associated any mattress to any mattresses, and especially, not a foam mattress with a mattress to spring, the first would wear too fast. This type of mattresses being reserved for the slatted frames.
Here are the best combinations: a mattress and a mattress to spring for a support more flexible, a mattress to spring or foam and a box spring to Lattes (not too spaced) for support for a more farm.

Try your mattress!

Choose a good mattress

Some keys for your test:

• Lie you several minutes on the bedding. Close the eyes to better you focus on your sensations.
• Lay you on the back: If you skip your hand between the kidneys and the mattress, the latter is too firm.
• Take support on an elbow: if it is sinking into the mattress, this last is not firm enough.
• Do you put on the side: If the shoulder fits properly in the mattress without the gene, firmness is satisfactory.
• If you sleep two… try two!

How Much Does A Boxspring And Mattress Weigh ?


Before deciding to buy a new mattress or a good boxspring, you must always search for the best options available for the market. While reviewing the products you can find, you must look to many specifics such as the weight of the mattress or the boxspring. So one question is often asked; “how much does a boxspring and mattress weigh ?” Well, glad yourself because today we are going to give you exactly the weight of a mattress and a boxspring so you don’t need to think a lot before deciding to buy.


1- The weight of a mattress :

how much does a boxspring and mattress weigh

Mattresses are really ranging from different types, forms and pricing. Now of course, when you are looking to buy a new mattress you need to make sure that this one is really not expensive and most of all useful and can last for a long time. Now, if you’re looking for a simple carasteristic such as the weight of the mattress then this shouldn’t be a huge concern for you, because the weight isn’t really going to differ anything in the quality of your mattress. However, if you’re going to change the place of your memory foam mattress a lot especially from one room to another or simply when you’re moving to a new house then considering the weight of the mattress is really important and it’s going to be either a pain or a pleasure for you.

But, basically the main reason for heavy or a light mattress is it density. See, when you buy a new mattress you must check how much a square foot of a material weighs. By doing this, you get a simple and clear idea about the weight of the mattress.

So by wrapping up, let’s dive into the weight of the different mattresses available in the market :

Twin Mattress : 40-60 Pounds

 Queen Size Mattress : 120-160 Pounds

 King Size Mattress : 130-180 Pounds

As you can see, the weight of the mattress differs from a type to another, that’s why i’m asking you to check the specefics of the mattress before buying it and also making sure to see the reviews on the internet.


2- The weight of a boxspring :

how much does a boxspring and mattress weigh                  Compared to the mattress, the weight of a boxspring is abosuletly crucial when you’re looking to buy a new boxspring for your mattress. But again i wouldn’t give a huge time and energy for finding the lightest boxspring because i’m more concerned about it quality than it weight. However, if you can find them both ( good quality and light boxspring ) then i would suggest going for it without second thinking. And let’s not forget the importance of a good quality boxspring since it’s going to make your sleeping much more comfortable by giving you the best nights ever to have. It helps you to get in and off the mattress easily without any pain especially in the morning and it absorbs the pain of sleeping which gives you the quality sleep available.

Now, let’s head over to the weight of a boxspring depending on the type you’re going for :

• Queen Size Boxspring : 60-105 Pounds

• Small Size Boxspring : 80 – 200 Pounds

Again, i’d suggest that you check carefully the weight of your boxspring before buying a good one.

Finally, i hope i’ve answered your question about the weight of mattress and a boxspring and that i gave you all the possible options depending on the type of mattress and boxspring you love to buy.


Good luck